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A comprehensive GBrowse User Tutorial was released by OpenHelix this week. The narrated tutorial covers:

  • the basic layout and search methods in GBrowse
  • how to access detailed annotation data tied to genomic sequences
  • how to select and customize annotations using tracks
  • how to upload and incorporate your own data or other external data sources
  • take a tour of different GBrowse installations at model organism databases

The tutorial also includes PowerPoint slides, handouts, and exercises that can be used for reference or for training others. The narration is reproduced in the notes area on the slides.

The GBrowse User Tutorial is part of a set of model organism resource tutorials funded in a large part by NHGRI. The set includes tutorials on how to navigate and use RGD, MGI, and WormBase, and in the future for ZFIN, FlyBase, and SGD (all of which are GMOD users and/or contributors).

This tutorial focuses on using GBrowse and complements the GBrowse2 Admin Tutorial. It is an excellent resource for any organization that wants to help its users use GBrowse better.

Dave Clements

GMOD Help Desk

Posted to the GMOD News on 2009/02/05