ISMB 2010

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GMOD will also have a strong presence at ISMB/ECCB 2011.
ISMB 2010 was held July 9-13 in Boston. As in past years, there was once again significant GMOD content at ISMB, including ISMB 2010 Conference

Events, Talks, and Posters

Day Time Track Title & Presenter/Organizer Components Slides / Poster
Friday & Saturday July 9-10 8:30-6:30 Satellites & SIGs Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC), Kam Dahlquist See below for specific talks SlideShare
Bio-Ontologies, Nigam Shah, et al.
HITSeq: High throughput Sequencing, Inanc Birol, et al.
Metagenomics, Metadata, Meta-analysis (M3) & BioSharing, Ed DeLong, et al.
Friday July 9 12:15-12:30 BOSC Deploying Galaxy on the Cloud, Enis Afgan, Galaxy PDF
3:30-3:38 Automated Annotation of NGS Transcriptome Data using ISGA and Ergatis, Chris Hemmerich Ergatis PDF
Saturday July 10 1:30-5:30 Tutorials PM 4: Galaxy: Analyze, Visualize, Communicate, The Galaxy Team Galaxy
4:00-4:15 BOSC GBrowse2, Lincoln Stein GBrowse Prezi
Sunday July 11 12:40-2:30 Posters I01: AGeS: A Software System for Annotation and Analysis of Genome Sequences, Nela Zavaljevski DIYA, GBrowse PPT, PDF
I15: GBrowse and Next Generation Sequencing Data, Scott Cain GBrowse
2:30-3:25 Technology TT08: InterPro protein sequence analysis and classification, Sarah Hunter BioMart
Monday July 12 12:40-2:30 Posters E02: An Advanced Web Query Interface for Biological Databases, Peter Karp Pathway Tools PPT, PDF
E18: ZFNGenome: A GBrowse-based tool for identifying Zinc Finger Nuclease target sites in model organisms, Deepak Reyon GBrowse PDF
E30: Choosing a Genome Browser for a Model Organism Database: Surveying the Maize Community, Taner Sen GBrowse PDF
I10: Integrative Services for Genomic Analysis (ISGA) - An Intuitive Web Server for Prokaryotic Genome Annotation and Other Analyses, Christopher Hemmerich Ergatis PDF
J60:Online Quantitative Transcriptome Analysis, Regina Bohnert Galaxy PDF
U60: Galaxy NGS functionality from sample tracking to SNP calling: An interactive poster, Ramkrishna Chakrabarty Galaxy PDF
Z02: WebGBrowse - A Web Server for GBrowse, Ram Podicheti WebGBrowse
3:30-3:55 Technology TT26: NGS Analysis with Galaxy on the Cloud, Anton Nekrutenko Galaxy
4:00-4:25 TT28: Sample tracking and automated data processing in Galaxy for NGS facilities, Anton Nekrutenko Galaxy
Tuesday July 13 11:15-11:40 Technology TT32: GMOD Presents GBrowse 2.0 and JBrowse, Scott Cain GBrowse, JBrowse Prezi
11:45-?? Lunch Informal gathering at the ISMB lunch. Please look for Scott Cain in the back center of the lunch room. There will be "GMOD reserved" table tents on a few tables back there and Scott will be wearing his GMOD shirt. Please stop by and chat if you are at ISMB.
2:45-3:10 Technology TT38: Demonstration of The Pathway Tools Software and BioCyc Databases, Peter Karp. (Pathway Tools is also featured in the Art and Science Exhibition.) Pathway Tools PPT, PDF


GMOD at ISMB 2010 A flier highlighting GMOD related content at ISMB 2010 is now available. You can print this ahead of time, or pick up a copy from several of the speakers.