ISMB 2008

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GMOD had a strong presence at the ISMB 2008 and BOSC 2008 meetings, both in July 2008 in Toronto.

There were over a dozen talks and posters at the BOSC and ISMB conferences about GMOD Components, or that feature research using GMOD components. A samplinig of talks and posters we knew about are also listed in a flier we distributed at the conference.

BOSC 2008 ISMB 2008
Conf Day Time Method Title & Author Component
BOSC Fri 11:10-11:35 Talk Intermine - Open source Data Warehouse and Query Interface, Richard Smith InterMine
1:30-1:50 Talk BeeSpace: An Interactive System for Functional Analysis, Barry Sanders & David Arcoleo GMOD Components
Sat 9:30-9:55 Talk Ergatis: A Web-based Bioinformatics Pipeline Management and Collaborative Development System, Joshua Orvis Ergatis
11:50-12:10 Talk Apollo: a Sequence Annotation Editor, Ed Lee Apollo
1:50-2:10 Talk EMBRACE - BioMart Developments and Future, Syed Haider BioMart
ISMB Sun 2:15-2:40 Talk EMBRACE - Enabling Data Integration, Syed Haider BioMart
5:45-8:30 Poster Session A Genome Grid for Finding new Bug Genes, Donald Gilbert Genome grid
A Complete System for Community Genome Annotation, Scott Cain Community Annotation System
Galaxy workflows for reproducible analyses of next-generation sequencing data, Anton Nekrutenko Galaxy
Mon 12:15-12:40 Talk Intermine - Open source Data Warehouse and Query Interface, Richard Smith InterMine
3:15-3:40 Talk Pathway Tools Software: Regulatory Networks and Recent Developments, Peter Karp Pathway Tools
Tue 3:15-3:40 Talk Galaxy Workflows: Enabling Complex Compu-tational Analysis For Experimental Biologists, James Taylor Galaxy
3:45-4:10 Talk New GALAXY Tools, Anton Nekrutenko Galaxy
5:45-8:30 Poster Session Metagenomic Analysis with Galaxy: Windshield Genomics and Beyond, Samir Wadhawan Galaxy
GMOD: Managing genomic data from emerging model organisms, Dave Clements GMOD Components
InterMine – open source data warehouse and query interface, Richard Smith InterMine

And there are at least 7 other talks and posters not listed here. If you are at BOSC or ISMB please drop by these talks and posters and learn more about GMOD.

Dave Clements
GMOD Help Desk