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This page describes a variety of special GMOD project proposals that need developer support. Please contact the proposer or a mailing list if you think you might want to contribute to a project.


GMOD needs for 2008 : dgg

These are some thoughts on areas of GMOD that have additions in formative stages, or are on a list for consideration. Please add your comments and suggestions.

  • automated genome analysis pipeline including TeraGrid use. See Genome grid and Ergatis projects.
    • MAKER, an annotation pipeline package for eukaryotic genomes, has been added to GMOD. 2008/05/13
    • DIYA, a pipeline infrastructure for microbial genome annotation (suggested for inclusion) - see the DIY-Genomics project
  • database processing of high throughput genomics analyses with input, output, integration, summarization tools, including genome data types such as SNP, tile arrays, expression arrays, interaction data ... (add to this list).
  • comparative genomics improvements. Projects in this area include the widely used CMap, and current syntenic map projects (see GMOD_Components). But it should expand to include better cross-species data management of analyses, phylogenetic genome statistics.
  • community annotation improvements. This includes Wiki annotation using TableEdit and Hackathon wikidb, with possible additions, as well as well-used Apollo tool.
  • curation automation and facilitation (literature, other). This includes PubSearch, PubFetch (both now unsupported - 2010/10), Textpresso and possible improvements, additions.

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Chado Documentation Reorganization

We are reorganizing the Chado related documentation in this web site. See the Chado Documentation Reorganization page for more on this effort and how you can help direct it.