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The item described in this page is not (or is no longer) supported by the GMOD project.
This page is included only for reference purposes.

GMODWeb is a Web application that uses Chado, a flexible and modular schema for representing biological data. GMODWeb is based on Turnkey, a generic Web framework built on Apache, mod_perl, and SQLFairy. GMODWeb takes a basic Turnkey site built with the Chado schema and adds to the default templates to create a custom look and feel for GMOD. This GMODWeb skin includes code to display information using a variety of GMOD applications, including GBrowse. New model organism databases can use the GMODWeb skin as a starting point for creating a new organism website. See Making a New MOD for more information about his process.


Turnkey takes a relational schema of a given database as input and transforms it into a fully-functional and customizable website within minutes. This automated process frees developers to work on the content of a website rather than the underlying architectural details. For more detailed information see the "About Turnkey" section of the Turnkey home page.



For site administrators installing GMODWeb we recommend using the RPM packages or CVS repository located at


GMODWeb: a web framework for the generic model organism database,
by Brian D O'Connor, Allen Day, Scott Cain, Olivier Arnaiz, Linda Sperling and Lincoln D Stein, Genome Biology 2008, 9:R102. The publication describing GMODWeb
GMODWeb and Package Management
presentation by Brian O'Connor at the January 2009 GMOD Meeting.