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Sheldon McKay

This is Sheldon

My background is in genetics and bioinformatics. I have a solid grounding in both molecular and computational biology. I work as a lead scientific data analyst at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. My role is to develop and implement data management practices for the Tier 1 pre-therapeutic target discovery group, identifying potential targets for future biological drug therapies. This is the earliest phase of preclinical research and is science and discovery focused.

More Information

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Evolutionary genetics
Functional and comparative genomics
Scientific software development
Object Oriented Perl; Perl/CGI, Perl/DBI
JavaScript; AJAX; CSS
MediaWiki and PHP
SQL and database design
Massive Parallel Computing with PBS and SGE
Genome database mining (NCBI, Ensembl)
Gene Ontology and KEGG pathway analysis
Genome and Comparative Genome data visualization
Phylogenetic inference methods
Digital signal processing of DNA
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