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This template is a Chado Table Template. It defines a single table from the Chado schema, and every Chado table has a template like this one. This template is automatically included in two places:

  1. The module page for the module the table is a part of. This is where updates and comments should be posted.
  2. The Chado Tables page, which lists all tables.

You can include this template anywhere you want to show the table description.

Table: cvtermpath
Module: CV

The reflexive transitive closure of the cvterm_relationship relation.

cvtermpath columns
FK Name Type Description
cvtermpath_id serial PRIMARY KEY
cvterm type_id integer UNIQUE#1

The relationship type that this is a closure over. If null, then this is a closure over ALL relationship types. If non-null, then this references a relationship cvterm - note that the closure will apply to both this relationship AND the OBO_REL:is_a (subclass) relationship.

cvterm subject_id integer UNIQUE#1


cvterm object_id integer UNIQUE#1


cv cv_id integer NOT NULL

Closures will mostly be within one cv. If the closure of a relationship traverses a cv, then this refers to the cv of the object_id cvterm.

pathdistance integer UNIQUE#1

The number of steps required to get from the subject cvterm to the object cvterm, counting from zero (reflexive relationship).

Tables referencing cvtermpath via foreign key constraints:

  • None.