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This template is a Chado Table Template. It defines a single table from the Chado schema, and every Chado table has a template like this one. This template is automatically included in two places:

  1. The module page for the module the table is a part of. This is where updates and comments should be posted.
  2. The Chado Tables page, which lists all tables.

You can include this template anywhere you want to show the table description.

Table: analysis
Module: Companalysis

An analysis is a particular type of a

   computational analysis; it may be a blast of one sequence against
   another, or an all by all blast, or a different kind of analysis
   altogether. It is a single unit of computation.
analysis columns
FK Name Type Description
analysis_id serial PRIMARY KEY
name character varying(255) A way of grouping analyses. This
   should be a handy short identifier that can help people find an
   analysis they want. For instance "tRNAscan", "cDNA", "FlyPep",
   "SwissProt", and it should not be assumed to be unique. For instance, there may be lots of separate analyses done against a cDNA database.
description text
program character varying(255) UNIQUE#1

Program name, e.g. blastx, blastp, sim4, genscan.

programversion character varying(255) UNIQUE#1

Version description, e.g. TBLASTX 2.0MP-WashU [09-Nov-2000].

algorithm character varying(255) Algorithm name, e.g. blast.
sourcename character varying(255) UNIQUE#1

Source name, e.g. cDNA, SwissProt.

sourceversion character varying(255)
sourceuri text This is an optional, permanent URL or URI for the source of the analysis. The idea is that someone could recreate the analysis directly by going to this URI and fetching the source data (e.g. the blast database, or the training model).
timeexecuted timestamp without time zone NOT NULL


Tables referencing analysis via foreign key constraints: