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This template is used in the generated Chado table descriptions. It displays the table description that comes from withing the PostgreSQL table comment.


  1. Chado module name
  2. Table name
  3. Description from SQL.


{{ChadoTableDesc|General|db|A database authority. Typical databases in bioinformatics are FlyBase, GO, UniProt, NCBI, MGI, etc. The authority is generally known by this shortened form, which is unique within the bioinformatics and biomedical realm. To Do - add support for URIs, URNs (e.g. LSIDs). We can do this by treating the URL as a URI - however, some applications may expect this to be resolvable - to be decided.}}

Table: {{{2}}}
Module: [[Chado {{{1}}} Module|{{{1}}}]]