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I don't want to add this to the official doc, but I think somebody who understands the pre-req's better could cull my list of packages down to the correct set.

From the instructions on the page, I didn't have success. I went on to use this set of packages (from

lynx unzip zip ncftp gcc libc6-dev make mysql-server apache2
perl libgd-gd2-perl libcgi-session-perl libclass-base-perl

and threw this package in for good measure:


...and it worked!

I'm tempted to add everything here (other than lynx) to the package list on the page, but I suspect it might include more packages than are really necessary.

When I installed GBrowse using the script, I got the error message as follows;

Force getting a BioPerl nightly build; the most recent release is too old
*** Installing BioPerl ***
Downloading bioperl-live...
Failed to get nightly bioperl-live file: 

The reason of the error is the typo in a line of the script

           my $url = BIOPERL_LIVE_URL."/$filename";

must be changed to

           my $url = BIOPERL_LIVE_URL."$filename";

Then, the script can download the nightly bioperl-live file correctly and install it.

--Mgenome 09:56, 18 March 2009 (UTC)