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Available on platform linux  + , unix  +
Has URL  +
Has description XORT is a utility written in Perl that canXORT is a utility written in Perl that can be used to read to and write from a [[Glossary#Relational|relational]] [[Glossary#Schema|schema]] using [[Glossary#XML|XML]] as an interchange format. In GMOD XORT is frequently used to transfer data to and from [[Chado]]. XORT’s three major elements are an XML-database schema mapping specification, an XORT language for both data retrieval and data construction, and a collection of tools that are based on the specification to facilitate the mapping and data exchange. The mapping specification specifies the schema requirement, mapping, operation, and object reference mechanism; the XORT language is used to construct the dump specification; the tool collections comprise the data validation, data input, data output and data debug system. Because it originates from the [[Chado]] database, we denote the corresponding XML "Chado XML." denote the corresponding XML "Chado XML."  +
Has development status maintenance  +
Has download URL  +
Has software maturity status mature  +
Has support status active  +
Has topic XORT +
Has website  +
Interaction type reads from and writes to  +
Interactor XORT  +
Interacts with Chado - Getting Started +
Is open source Yes  +
Link type download  +
Tool functionality or classification Database tools  + , Middleware  +
Written in language Perl  +
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Categories XORT  + , XML  + , GMOD Components  + , GMOD Component  + , SemanticLink  +
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