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The modENCODE and Gramene projects are both hiring.


modENCODE Project Openings

modENCODE is looking for a few consultants. The project's aim is to discover and explore the genomes of C. elegans and D. melanogaster, using new scientific strategies and new technologies for discovery.

Consultants will be responsible for interacting with several external research labs, as well as with internal software developers, to collect and collate experimental data of many different types. In addition to a strong background in biology, candidates must be knowledgeable in programming and/or software development. Candidates must also possess verbal and written communication skills, particularly for understanding requirements from biologists, and to productively work in a collaborative environment.

Please see the complete job description for details.

modENCODE is a power GMOD user. The project uses GBrowse, Chado, InterMine, JBrowse, and GBrowse_syn. (See Nicole Washington's talk at the January 2009 GMOD Meeting for some details on how they are used.)


Grameene Project Opening

Gramene has several bioinformatics openings in the Jaiswal lab at Oregon State University.

The positions involve development and maintenance of the databases, software and analysis pipelines necessary for development of the Plant Gene Expression, biochemical and regulatory pathway networks, comparative genomics, text mining (Textpresso) and biological ontology projects. Gramene is a long-time GMOD user and is the home of the CMap comparative map viewer.

See the position announcement for full details.

Posted to the GMOD News on 2009/10/02