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Summer School - Europe
Summer School - Americas

Detailed and hands-on online tutorials are now available for the GMOD Components that were covered at the 2009 GMOD Summer Schools. Each tutorial includes a VMware system image to work with, and detailed instructions on how to setup the component on that image.

The tutorials are:

There is also a plethora of GMOD related training and outreach going on in the next few months. Here's what I know about:

Date Topic Conference / Location
October 12-27 Programming for Biology
This includes a session on GBrowse.
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harobr, NY, USA
October 21-22 Interactive Workshops on the UCSC Genome Browser and Galaxy Framework The American Society of Human Genetics (AHSG), Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
October 27-30 GBrowse and Next Generation Sequencing Data Genome Informatics, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA
October 28-30 Database Tools for Biologists: A Half-Day GMOD Workshop Bioinformatics Australia 2009 (BA2009), Melbourne, Australia
Visualizing Next Generation Sequence Data with GBrowse and SAMtools (poster)
November 16-17 InterMine Data Warehouse Workshop Cambridge, UK
Comparative Genomics with GMOD Information Systems for Insect Pests, Rennes, France
January 9-13 The Generic Genome Browser: A Hands on Workshop for Installing, Configuring and Using Your Own GBrowse Plant and Animal Genome XVII Conference (PAG 2010), San Diego, CA, USA
See PAG 2010 for links to many talks and presentations.
Comparative Genomics with GBrowse_syn: A hands on workshop for visualizing your comparative genomics data with GBrowse_syn
MAKER: An easy to use genome annotation pipeline

Dave Clements
GMOD Help Desk

Posted to the GMOD News on 2009/10/02