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I am very pleased to announce the release of GMOD 1.0. The file can be downloaded from SourceForge at:

This release comes at a time when both the Chado schema and its associated tools have matured and are now quite stable. The plan going forward is to have more frequent releases with schema changes between versions clearly delineated.

In addition to the Chado schema, this release includes:

  • Tools for creating a new database.
  • Tools for populating it with ontology data (using go-perl).
  • A fairly new tool for updating ontologies contributed by the developers of SGN, the Sol Genomics Network.
  • Tools for loading sequence feature (i.e. GFF3) data.
  • GMODTools for creating bulk download files like GFF and Fasta (See GMODTools for more information).

Other data can be loaded using XORT. This release of Chado works well with the upcoming release of GBrowse, as well as with the current versions of Apollo and CMap. It should also work well with GMODWeb/Turnkey.

With this release, there are so many people in the GMOD community that I would like to thank that I couldn't possibly list them all, but at a bare minimum, I would like to thank the developers at FlyBase and the Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project, especially Chris Mungall and Dave Emmert, as well as others who have contributed code to the GMOD project over the past several years.

Please direct any questions about using this release to the GMOD schema mailing list,

Scott Cain

Posted to the GMOD News on 2008/03/31