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The item described in this page is not (or is no longer) supported by the GMOD project.
This page is included only for reference purposes.

The people who created and maintained these VMware images have moved on to other things, and the VMware images described here are no longer available.

VMware images still exist in GMOD in several places. See:

Initial versions of GMOD virtual machines have been uploaded/documented at the VMWare HOWTO. The Community Annotation System is an example GMOD virtual machine.

This page is for discussion on creating a GMOD virtual machine. The idea was initiated by an email to the GMOD-devel, schema and gbrowse mailing lists:


Recently, the people in my lab have been experimenting a lot with VMware for creating virtual machines. I am excited about the potential uses for these virtual machines for several purposes, among them the ability to create a consistent platform for teaching (like giving a classroom a disk with the VMware player and a linux VM with GBrowse preinstalled to give a tutorial), and for creating virtual machines that could be used as a 'test server' that people interested in GMOD software could get and try out without having to set up a server to do it. That is what this email is about.

My goal is two-fold: first I am looking for volunteers. If anybody would like to under take the task of creating a virtual machine and populate it with GMOD software and sample data, I would be thrilled to give guidance and moral support.

Second, I want to get feedback on what should be installed. There is both the question of sample data and software. Here are my thoughts so far:

 Chado and related core components (version 0.5 when released)*
 XORT                              (0.5 when released)*
 GBrowse                           (1.68 when released)**
 Apollo                            (1.6.5)
 CMap                              (? Most recent?)
 Turnkey/gmod-web                  (? most recent?)
 BLAST graphic viewer              (? most recent?)

Also, there are some things 'on the bubble' that I haven't decided whether they should be installed:

 Flash GViewer
 DAS2 server

Any thoughts on these?

Thanks for your time, Scott

  • Ian Holmes suggested their extentions to GBrowse (AJAX and wiki).
  • Eric Just suggested Modware.

About 'when released'

  • Work is on going on Chado core compoents, notably getting a conversion from GFF3 to chadoxml which will require changes to XORT.
  • There have been a few fixes to the chado adaptor in GBrowse, so it should get a new release soon

Also see Community Annotation System.