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The GMOD Logo Program connects graphic design programs at colleges and universities with GMOD users that would like a new logo. This is usually done as part of a course, with each student or team of students being assigned to a different client (a GMOD user) The students then work with the client to produce a high-quality logo for that client.

Different design programs will be involved at different times during the life of this program, and the specific details of the program will vary depending on the design program that is currently involved. However, there are some general guidelines that apply to all programs.

GMOD User Participation Requirements

Apollo's new logo, designed by Audra Radke, during the Spring 2010 Logo Program.
  1. You must be a non-profit organization.
  2. You are willing to meet virtually (phone, Skype, AIM, IChat, etc.) with the students on a regular basis to first explain what your database/web site/organism is about and what makes it unique, and then to provide feedback and guidance on the student designs as they progress.
  3. You have time to work with students during the time window when the course is working on this.
  4. You provide the teaching institution with feedback / student evaluation that is requested.
  5. If you use the new design, you give credit somewhere on your web site (that is reachable by search engines), to the student(s) who created it and to the institution they were attending.
  6. Before meeting with the student you should give some thought to what your requirements are. Does the logo need to look good in black and white? Does it need to appear in a favicon?

If you already have a design in mind and you just want it polished, then this program is not for you. The goals of the program are two fold. First to provide you with a logo, and second to provide students with design experience. If you already have a design the students won't get that experience.

Graphic Design Student Requirements

REDFly's new logo, designed by Alex Read, during the Spring 2010 Logo Program.
  1. You are willing to meet virtually (phone, Skype, IChat, AIM, etc.) with your client on a regular basis so that you can understand their requirements, and what makes their web site/database/organism unique, interesting and useful. This may mean understanding some of the biology behind the site.
  2. You make any appointments that you set up.

How it works

Periodically, the GMOD Help Desk will send out a call for participation in the GMOD Logo Program. The Help Desk will then compile a list of interested users from which the Help Desk and the design instructors will select a subset to assign to students in the current course. Students and GMOD users will then be notified of their pairings, and students will contact users to set up meeting times.

At the end of the design period, the students will present their clients with the logos in several different agreed upon formats and resolutions, including the source files (Photoshop, etc.). Clients are free to adopt the logos or not.

During the course, the Help Desk will be available to meet with the class, either virtually or in person, at the start and end of the project. The Help Desk can also help coordinate interactions between students and researchers, if needed.

Previous Calls

Spring 2010: Linn-Benton Community College

Linn-Benton Community College

We collaborated with the Graphic Arts Department of Linn-Benton Community College (LBCC) in Albany, Oregon, as part of an advanced graphic design course offered in Spring quarter 2010.

See Spring 2010 Logo Program for details, and list of projects and logos that were created.