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A list of Frequently Asked Questions about the GMOD project. See FAQ for a list of FAQ pages on specific GMOD Components. See the Glossary for definitions of commonly used terms in GMOD.

About this FAQ

What is this FAQ?

It is the list of Frequently Asked Questions about GMOD.

How is it maintained?

It is now maintained as a Wiki on this site. You can help maintain it by adding questions and answers.

About GMOD

What does GMOD stand for?

When GMOD was first created it stood for Generic Model Organism Database. As GMOD has been adopted and extended it has become clear that the word Model should no longer apply. Virtually any sort of organism or group of organisms can be the focus of a GMOD database (see the GMOD users list for many examples). It's been suggested that Model should now be My, or Many.

What is GMOD?

It is a suite of interconnected applications, middleware, and databases that researchers and informaticians use to store and study biological information. For a list of what's in GMOD see the GMOD components page. Some of the more popular components include the genome browser GBrowse, the relational database Chado, and the comparative map viewer CMap.

How do I learn more about GMOD?

See the Overview and GMOD Getting Started pages.