GMOD Europe 2010

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GMOD Europe 2010
13-16 September 2010
Cambridge UK

September 2010 GMOD Meeting
BioMart Workshop
InterMine Workshop

13-14 Sept September 2010 GMOD Meeting
15 Sept Satellite Meetings, InterMine Workshop
16 Sept BioMart Workshop

GMOD Europe 2010 was a four day event starting with a two day GMOD Meeting, followed by Satellite Meetings and InterMine and BioMart workshops over the next two days. GMOD Europe 2010 was hosted by the Cambridge Computational Biology Institute and the School of Biological Sciences Bioinformatics Training Facility, both at the University of Cambridge. GMOD Europe 2010 was held 13-16 September, 2010.


The GMOD meeting had a registration fee (£50 early, £65 late) to cover lunches, coffee/tea breaks, and other expenses. The Satellite Meetings, InterMine Workshop, and BioMart Workshop were free.


GMOD Europe 2010 spanned 4 days. All events were held at the Department of Genetics building in the centre of Cambridge.

Date Time Event
13 September
9:15-17:00 GMOD Community Meeting
Department of Genetics, Biffen Lecture Theatre
14 September
9:15-17:00 GMOD Community Meeting
Department of Genetics, Biffen Lecture Theatre
15 September
9:30-17:00 Satellite Meetings
Department of Genetics, Part II Room
InterMine Workshop
Department of Genetics, G12-G13
16 September
9:00-17:00 BioMart Workshop
Department of Genetics, G12-G13
Genome Informatics
September 2010 GMOD Meeting

13-14 September: September 2010 GMOD Meeting

GMOD Europe 2010 started with the September 2010 GMOD Meeting, held 13-14 September. The meeting was was hosted by the Cambridge Computational Biology Institute. GMOD Meetings are a mix of user and developer presentations, and are a great place to find out what is happening in the project, what's coming up, and what others are doing. See the January 2010 GMOD Meeting page for an idea of what happens at a GMOD meeting.

15 September: Satellite Meetings

The Satellite Meetings at the January 2010 GMOD Meeting proved so popular that we held them again, the day after the meeting, and immediately before Genome Informatics 2010. We had two sessions, Post Reference Genome Tools in the morning, and Community Annotation in the afternoon. See the Satellite Meetings page for more.

15 September: InterMine Workshop

InterMine Workshop

There was a one day InterMine Workshop held on Wednesday, 15 September.

InterMine is an open source system for building biological data warehouses with a powerful web interface and query API. See FlyMine or ModMine for examples. InterMine can integrate data from many common biological formats and is easy to extend to include your own data. Parsers are included to load data from Chado, Ensembl, UniProt, KEGG, PubMed, TreeFam, GFF3, FASTA, BioPax and many others.

See the InterMine Workshop Page for details.

BioMart Workshop

16 September: BioMart Workshop

GMOD Europe finished with a one day BioMart Workshop on Thursday, 16 September. BioMart provides a single point of access to various 'omics and annotation from disparate data sources, including biomolecular sequence resources, pathways, protein interaction and annotation. This one-day workshop was aimed to biologists who may wish to learn how to programmatically integrate various sources over the web (API/webservices), introducing the latest BioMart (0.8) Java libraries that supersedes the current Perl infrastructure. The hands-on primarily focused on the resources currently available at the BioMart Central Portal and other BioMart portals.

See the BioMart Workshop page for details.



See the University's Getting to Cambridge page for information about arriving by train (also try, car, bus, or air.


We recommended staying at one of the colleges at Cambridge. Rooms can be booked through Several options were available.

Things to do in Cambridge

There are lots of things to see and do in this historic city. If you have time, try and check out a few famous colleges.

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