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This page contains documentation specific to GBrowse 1.x. We recommend all users upgrade to GBrowse 2.x to take advantage of all the features GBrowse offers.

For users wanting to upgrade, please see the guide on migrating from GBrowse 1.X to 2.X.

GBrowse 1.X (currently 1.70) is the older series that has been in use since 2002. It is recommended for applications which use a single database only and which must support legacy browsers.



The GBrowse 1.x development branch is kept at the [ GBrowse GitHub repository. To get the correct version, use the following commands to get the stable branch:

 git clone
 cd GBrowse
 git checkout -t -b stable origin/stable

Net-based Installer Script

The net installer script, called at the GBrowse GitHub repository will automatically download and install GBrowse 1.70 (NOT GBrowse2 and its Perl libraries for you. See Installation for details on using this script.



See Category:GBrowse for more GBrowse documentation.