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Tool data pages are a way of organising the information about GMOD tools in a standardized manner.

To create a tool data page, copy and paste the data skeleton at Template:Tool_data. The format should be fairly self-explanatory; it's basic tag-value pairs with a vertical bar as separator. Values can be multiple lines long, as long as they don't contain tag-like text, i.e. vertical bar followed by text followed by equals sign.

Sample of data arrangement:

{{ {{{template}}}
| name = MAT
| full_name = My Awesome Tool
| status = beta
| dl = 
My Awesome Tool (MAT) is currently in beta,
so it is not available for download yet.

| dl_src = To get the source code for MAT, check it out from SVN:

  svn co

| doc = [ MAT documentation]


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