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This page stores the data that populates the Apollo wiki page.

{{ {{{template}}} | name = Apollo | full_name = | status = mature | dev = inactive | support = active | platform = linux, os x, unix, win | logo = ApolloLogo.png | home = http://apollo.berkeleybop.org/ | about = Apollo is a GUI (graphical user interface)-based tool for editing genome annotations. Like GBrowse, Apollo allows users to scroll and zoom in on areas of interest in a sequence; authorized users can edit annotations and write the changes back to the underlying database. Apollo can run off GFF3 or a Chado database, and it can also integrate with remote services, such as BLAST and Primer BLAST analyses. Apollo is a standalone Java application. | screenshot = | public_server = | dl = Apollo executables for several platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and generic Unix) are available from the Apollo web site. | dl_url = http://apollo.berkeleybop.org/current/install.html | dl_src = The Apollo source code (only needed if you plan to modify Apollo) is available from SourceForge via SVN. | dl_src_url = https://sourceforge.net/projects/gmod/files/Apollo/ | dl_dev = | dl_dev_url = | getting_started_preamble = A comprehensive guide to installing and using Apollo is available from the Apollo user guide. | req = Apollo requires JDK 1.5 or higher. | install = Installation instructions are available from the Apollo website. | config = | doc = * Apollo Javadocs | papers = * Apollo: a community resource for genome annotation editing. PMID:19439563 [1]

  • Apollo: a sequence annotation editor. PMID:12537571 [2] PDF

| presentations = * Community Annotation at ParameciumDB - Linda Sperling's presentation on ParameciumDB's Community Annotation process at the November 2007 GMOD Meeting.

| tutorials =

Apollo Tutorial 2011
The Apollo session from the 2011 GMOD Spring Training
Apollo Tutorial 2010
The Apollo session from the 2010 GMOD Summer School - Americas.
Apollo tutorials at the Dynamic Gene web site.
Flash based tutorials on how to use Apollo, using rice as an example. Sections of particular interest are
  • Annotation - how to use Apollo
  • Resources - how to download sample data and install Apollo on an MS Windows system.
Apollo user guide
The current user guide, which has comprehensive instructions for installation and usage of Apollo.

| wild_urls = | mail =

Mailing List Link Description Archive(s)
Apollo and WebApollo apollo Apollo and WebApollo mailing list Gmane (2008/04-2010/10), Nabble (2010/05+)
gmod-apollo-cmts Apollo and WebApollo code updates.

Please submit bug reports to the Apollo bug tracker at Sourceforge. | logo_info = The Apollo logo was created by Audra Radke, a participant in the Spring 2010 Logo Program, while a design student at Linn-Benton Community College.

| dev_ppl = | dev_status = Active development of Apollo has ceased; the focus has shifted to WebApollo, a web-based version of the tool.

| contact_email = | input = | output = | see_also = | demo_server = |release date=2002 | survey_link = Apollo }}
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