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* Robert Buels - [http://www.sgn.cornell.edu/ SOL Genomics Network]
* Robert Buels - [http://www.sgn.cornell.edu/ SOL Genomics Network]
* Ben Hitz - [http://www.yeastgenome.org/ SGD]
* Ben Hitz - [http://www.yeastgenome.org/ SGD]
* Giles Velarde - [http://www.genedb.org/ GeneDB]
* ''Add your name here''
* ''Add your name here''

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About Us

The GMOD web services working group was formed at the January 2009 GMOD Meeting after a consensus was reached about the need for a high level API that would be shared across all MODs. This working group was created to formalize these services in order to increase interoperability between the various MODs.



Currently, the web services working group has decided to focus their efforts on two fronts; a RESTful API and a semantic web service. The initial focus being given to development of a common RESTful API.


The GMOD REST API is being developed in order to provide a useful and easy to use interface to search and fetch high level information from model organism databases.

GMOD semantic web services

The GMOD semantic web services are being developed in order to bring the full power of the semantic web to the rich information that all the model organism databases provide.


Please direct discussions about this group to the GMOD-devel mailing list.

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