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Available on platformweb +
Has URL +, +, +, +, + and +
Has descriptionTextpresso is an information extracting anTextpresso is an information extracting and processing (text mining) package for biological literature whose capabilities go far beyond that of a simple keyword search engine. The two key elements are the collection of the full text of scientific articles split into individual sentences, and the implementation of semantic categories, for which a database of articles and individual sentences can be searched. The source of the full text articles are PDFs, and additional bibliographical information that is obtained from other citation databases can be processed as well. Alere is a package of scripts that can be used to construct a corpus (retrieve articles) for use with Textpresso. Textpresso is supported by a grant from the National Human Genome Research Institute at the US National Institutes of Health # HG004090. National Institutes of Health # HG004090. +
Has development statusactive +
Has input formatPlain text +, PDF + and html +
Has licenceModified GPL +
Has logoTextpressoLogo.jpg +
Has output formatXML + and text +
Has software maturity statusmature +
Has support statusactive +
Has titleTextpresso User Guide +, Textpresso for Sea Urchin +, Textpresso for S. cerevisiae + and Textpresso for C. elegans +
Has topicTextpresso +
Is open sourceCaveats apply +
Link typewebsite +, download +, documentation + and wild URL +
Tool functionality or classificationLiterature tools + and Text mining +
Written in languagePerl +
Has subobjectThis property is a special property in this wiki.Textpresso# +, Textpresso# +, Textpresso# +, Textpresso# +, Textpresso# + and Textpresso# +