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This entry summarizes several recent changes in the GMOD web site. These changes are designed to make the site more useful, and hopefully will make your GMOD web site experience more pleasant.

Ten Recent Web Site Changes to Make Your GMOD Life Easier:

  1. Categories - Most of the pages in the GMOD web site have now been tagged, and those tags can be used as an alternative way to navigate the site. We have also added tools that make it easier to assign tags when creating content. (Note: The category hierarchy is still work in progress. Suggestions are welcome.)
  2. GMOD News - News items of interest to the GMOD community. This is also available as an RSS feed.
  3. Main Page - Items from the GMOD News page and recently edited pages (non-minor edits) now show up in the right sidebar.
  4. Calendar - Calendar of events of interest to the GMOD project.
  5. Glossary - Short definitions of non-biological terms used in GMOD.
  6. GMOD Mailing Lists - Shows more lists, and sorts them into Overview, Component, and Inactive lists. If your list isn't here, please add it.
  7. Site Guidelines - Guidelines for creating and editing content on the GMOD web site.
  8. GMOD Help Desk - Explains services offered by the help desk.
  9. Computing Requirements - Description of expertise and computing systems you'll need to set up a GMOD installation.
  10. Databases and GMOD - An overview of database concepts and how databases are used in GMOD.

Note that several of these pages need continuing contributions from the community. That means you! We particularly encourage you to get in the habit of submitting new Calendar, Glossary, and News items.

Our next big goal for the web site is to reorganize the Chado documentation. Watch the web site for details on this.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments.


Dave Clements, GMOD Help Desk

Posted to the GMOD News on 2008/02/13