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Today we will start the process of migrating several of the source code repositories for GMOD projects from SourceForge svn to GitHub. The first repository to move will be the GBrowse repository (called "Generic-Genome-Browser" in the SourceForge repository), which will be moved on Thursday afternoon. Please refrain from committing changes to the SourceForge repository after 2:00PM EDT to avoid losses as a result of the move. After the move is complete, it will be announced here and on the GBrowse mailing list, and help page for using git will be set up.


Posted to the GMOD News on 2011/05/12

OK, GBrowse and Bio-Graphics are done. For each, I replaced their master branches in svn with a MOVED.txt file that contains the URL of the repository on GitHub.

GBrowse on Github: Bio-Graphics on Github:

The conversions look pretty good to me, all the branches and tags seem to have come though fine. Please let me know if you find any problems!