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Welcome to GMOD

Click for information about the November 2007 GMOD Meeting.

Popular GMOD Tools
Genome Browsing and Editing
Apollo: Genome annotation editor [screenshot]
GBrowse: Genome annotation viewer [demo]
Comparative Genetic and Sequence Maps
CMap: Comparative genomic map viewer [screenshot]
Sybil: Comparative genome viewer [screenshots]
SynBrowse: Genome synteny viewer [demo]
Database Tools
Chado: Modular biological database schema
BioMart: Genome data mining system [overview]
Biological Pathways
Pathway Tools: Biochemical pathways suite [demo]
GMODWeb: Biological database website
Modware: Middleware for Chado

GMOD is the Generic Model Organism Database Toolkit, a collection of software tools for creating and managing genome-scale biological databases. You can use it to create a small laboratory database of genome annotations, or a large web-accessible community database. GMOD tools are in use at FlyBase, WormBase, SGD, BeeBase and many other large and small community databases.

How do I Get Started?

For a project overview see GMOD for the Biologist. For an introduction to specific GMOD components see the list at the right, or visit GMOD Components for a comprehensive list of GMOD tools.

How do I Get Support?

We provide support via mailing lists, a set of FAQs, and a Help Desk.

How do I Get Involved?

See the GMOD Project Page for new projects in need of ideas and developers. Or join one of the GMOD Mailing Lists to get a feel for how the project is organized.

For information about the GMOD hackathon, see the Hackathon 2007 info page.

About the Project

The Generic Model Organism Database project is an open source project to develop a complete set of software for creating and administering an organism database, or MOD. Components of this project include genome visualization and editing tools, literature curation tools, a robust database schema, biological ontology tools, and a set of standard operating procedures. This project is funded by the NIH and the USDA Agricultural Research Service and National Science Foundation. Participation draws from members of several database projects including WormBase, FlyBase, Mouse Genome Informatics, Gramene, the Rat Genome Database, TAIR, EcoCyc, DictyBase, wFleaBase, NESCent, Saccharomyces Genome Database and BeeBase (See also MOD list).

Contributing Organizations

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