Linux Text Editors

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A text editor is a simple editor for viewing, creating and updating text files. Linux has a wide variety of text editors available. The Linux image used in the summer school has a couple of text editors that are available. Instructors, when they created pages, will show whatever editor they prefer. However, you can use any editor you prefer. Some text editors.

Editor Comments Example
xedit Lighweight editor, and the easiest to use. Just type. Has save and quit buttons. Must have already started X (type startx at the shell prompt) to run xedit. Hit the Save button twice before quitting xedit. xedit filename.conf
nano Lightweight editor that can be run directly in the shell window. Use this if you don't know vi or emacs, and you haven't started X. nano filename.conf
vi or vim These editors are very powerful and very cryptic. If you don't already know vi, don't use this. vi filename.conf
emacs Powerful and still somewhat cryptic editor. Can be run before or after starting X. emacs filename.conf

If you are in doubt, use xedit or nano