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JBrowse is a genome browser with almost entirely AJAX-based interfaces. JBrowse renders most tracks using client side JavaScript and JSON as its data transfer format. JBrowse is currently under development by the Ian Holmes Lab at UC Berkeley. It is expected to have a production release in 2009. Most development has been done by Mitch Skinner. JBrowse was formerly known as GBrowse 3. However, this name was changed to JBrowse to avoid confusion: JBrowse is an alternative to GBrowse, not a successor.


  • What is needed?




From GitHub.

Demo & Screenshots

See the demo site for a bleeding edge demo.

JBrowseShot1.jpg Demo screenshot from 2009/02/20, showing region of Drosophila melanogaster 2L.

Mailing List


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Available on platformweb +
Has URLhttp://jbrowse.org/install/ +, http://jbrowse.org +, http://twitter.com/usejbrowse +, http://github.com/GMOD/jbrowse +, http://jbrowse.org/demos +, http://icemangenome.net/%E2%80%8E +, http://genomesunzipped.org/jbrowse +, http://beetlebase.org + and http://www.medicinalgenomics.com/the-jane-ome/ +
Has descriptionBrowse the genome of Ötzi the ice man + and JBrowse is a genome browser with a fully dJBrowse is a genome browser with a fully dynamic AJAX interface, being developed as the eventual successor to GBrowse. It is very fast and scales well to large datasets. JBrowse is javascript-based and does almost all of its work directly in the user's web browser, with minimal requirements for the server.


  • Fast, smooth scrolling and zooming. Explore your genome with unparalleled speed.
  • Scales easily to multi-gigabase genomes and deep-coverage sequencing.
  • Supports GFF3, BED, FASTA, Wiggle, BigWig, BAM, VCF (with tabix), REST, and more. BAM, BigWig, and VCF data are displayed directly from the compressed binary file with no conversion needed.
  • Very light server resource requirements. In fact, JBrowse has no back-end server code, just tools for formatting data files to be read directly over HTTP. Serve huge datasets from a single low-cost cloud instance.ets from a single low-cost cloud instance. +
Has development statusactive +
Has input formatGFF3 +, BED +, FASTA +, WIG +, BedGraph +, Bio::DB::* +, UCSC +, Wiggle +, BigWig + and BAM +
Has licenceLGPL + and Artistic License 2.0 +
Has logoJBrowseLogo.png +
Has software maturity statusmature +
Has support statusactive +
Has titleJBrowse demos +, Ice Man Genome +, Genomes Unzipped: Public Personal Genomics +, BeetleBase + and The Jane-Ome, medicinal marijuana project +
Has topicJBrowse +
Is open sourceYes +
Link typedownload +, social media +, website +, source code +, demo server + and wild URL +
Release date2008 +
Tool functionality or classificationGenome visualization +
Written in languageJavascript + and Perl +
Has subobjectThis property is a special property in this wiki.JBrowse#http://jbrowse.org/install/ +, JBrowse#http://jbrowse.org +, JBrowse#http://twitter.com/usejbrowse +, JBrowse#http://github.com/GMOD/jbrowse +, JBrowse#http://jbrowse.org/demos +, JBrowse#http://icemangenome.net/‎ +, JBrowse#http://genomesunzipped.org/jbrowse +, JBrowse#http://beetlebase.org + and JBrowse#http://www.medicinalgenomics.com/the-jane-ome/ +