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GMOD Hackathon 2007

Location info

Hosted at Northwestern University in lovely Chicago, IL on August 23-24.

  • Hotel and travel suggestions
  • Location at the university (building/room)
  • start times
  • other logistics (for example, sharing rides to/from airports)

Possible Goals

While definitive goals have not been established yet, here are some possiblities. Please feel free to add more.

  • Improving Apollo-Chado round tripping (documentation, examples, tutorials, configuration files, installation procedures, etc)
  • Beginning work on Apollo-Ensembl round tripping
  • Merging the ClassDBI classes the ModWare and GMODWeb use (Chado::AutoDBO and Turnkey::AutoDBI)
  • Giving a small MOD a 'GMOD make over'
  • Work on perl XML::DOM tools from writing ChadoXML
  • Building VMware instances for distribution
  • Rebuilding RPM packages for updated GMOD software
  • Polishing a gmod 0.5 release

After this list has matured a little longer, I can put a poll on the gmod blog site (http://blog.gmod.org/) which has nice utilities for polls, just to get a feeling for what the community thinks.