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Under Construction

This page or section is under construction.

GMODviews is built on Drupal 6, and aims to provide integration with 3 major Drupal modules: CCK, Views, and Panels, so as to full access to advanced Drupal functionality. One immediate goal is to provide an intermediate integration of these with Tripal, which does not yet have such integration. GMODviews also provides tools for creating generic data mashups with data from essentially any external sources, such as FlyBase, PubMed, etc. User-selected data can then be stored in the local Drupal database, to thus create a custom-knowledge-base for further data integration and analysis. Views integration allows complex SQL queries to be performed and visualized in custom data mashups using a wide-variety of third-party ("contrib") Drupal modules, such as Views Gallery and Views Slideshow. Panels integration allows multipane layouts of specific combinations of Views data, to create complex dashboards for displaying genomics data in custom configurations without having to write PHP code.

GMOD Status

GMODviews is in development and has not yet been nominated for GMOD membership.