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GMOD in a Box is an implementation in the same configuraiton as GMOD in the Cloud but in a VirtualBox appliance. The current release is 2.04, which has the same versions of software in the Cloud instance except that JBrowse has been upgraded to 1.10.6. The Linux release (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) and directory structure (a root partition with GMOD software and a /data partition with user data and configurations) is the same as the Cloud version as well.


GMOD in a Box can be downloaded from the GMOD ftp site. It is about 1.5GB (md5sum: 8f34d9df8bda275e3081fb14bc605dd2).

Differences between this and GMOD in the Cloud

  1. Instead of using ssh keys to access the instance via ssh, the ubuntu user has a password, which is "ubuntu". Obviously, if you use this instance in a publicly available space, please change the password as soon as possible.
  2. Instead of using an rc.local script to run at boot time, the "call home" script runs at the first interactive log in and prompts the user for information about how GMOD in a Box will be used. Running the script on subsequent logins is suppressed unless the file ~/GMODintheCloud/gitc_lock is removed.
  3. Networking is set up to use "Bridged" networking, so the virtual machine will try to connect to your DHCP server to get an IP address (you can then use that IP address to ssh into the appliance).