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== Participants ==
== Participants ==
See [[File:GMODMalaysia2014GroupPhoto.jpg|the group photo]].
See [[Media:GMODMalaysia2014GroupPhoto.jpg|the group photo]].
==Course Sponsor==
==Course Sponsor==

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Enabled by a generous grant from the NESCent Ambassador Program

February 26-28, 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

GMOD Malaysia offers an introduction to, and training in, the bioinformatics software offered by the Generic Model Organism Database project. Over three days, participants will learn about GMOD's free, open-source tools for visualising, storing, and disseminating genetic and genomic data. These include:

Instruction is by experienced instructors and developers with deep knowledge of the tools and their applications.

By the end of the course, participants will have hands-on experience of setting up and using core components needed for a modern genomics project.

Applications have now closed for the course. GMOD will be holding a summer school in Durham, North Carolina, in summer 2014; the date has yet to be confirmed. Please subscribe to the GMOD announce mailing list to be kept apprised on updates on the summer school.


Please provide feedback on the course.


Course Schedule


Date: 26-28 February 2014; starting 9am and finishing at 6pm each day.

Venue: Hotel Ibis Styles Kuala Lumpur Fraser Business Park, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Cost and registration: the cost for the course is to be confirmed, but will include lunch and refreshments for the three days of the course.

Discounted accommodation (including wifi and breakfast) is available at the Hotel Ibis; please contact the hotel manager, Hazwani Sharif (h8552-sl2@accor.com), to book your room and mention that you are attending the GMOD training course to secure the discounted rate.



See the group photo.

Course Sponsor

GMOD Malaysia 2014 is made possible by the extremely generous support of National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) and the NESCent Ambassador program. NESCent promotes the synthesis of information, concepts and knowledge to address significant, emerging, or novel questions in evolutionary science and its applications. NESCent supports research and education across disciplinary, institutional, geographic, and demographic boundaries. The NESCent Ambassador Program is NESCent’s primary international outreach program, and is supported by a three-year grant from the NSF. GMOD is very grateful to be a beneficiary of this generous program.