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Available on platformlinux +, unix +, web + and os x +
Has URL +, +, +, +, + and +
Has descriptionCurate GO annotations for proteins using UniProtKB identifiers +, Canto is an online tool that supports funcCanto is an online tool that supports functional gene annotation by community researchers as well as by professional curators. It provides a simple interface to gather genetic and molecular data from publications for inclusion in public biological databases. Canto employs OBO ontologies to ensure a consistent vocabulary is used to describe gene and gene product functionality and location.

Genetic and physical interaction annotation is also supported. Canto captures all necessary information about each interaction for submission to BioGRID.

Canto currently supports annotation export in JSON format, either by individual paper or in bulk. The JSON data from Canto can be loaded into a relational database using the Chado schema (as at PomBase) or alternative schemas.
ma (as at PomBase) or alternative schemas. + and Curate GO annotations for S. pombe +
Has development statusactive +
Has input formatOBO +, gene/protein IDs + and literature +
Has licenceGPL3 +
Has logoCantoTextLogo.png +
Has output formatJSON + and GAF +
Has software maturity statusmature +
Has support statusactive +
Has titleGeneric Gene Ontology Canto + and PomBase Canto +
Has topicCanto +
Interaction typecan save data in +
InteractorCanto +
Interacts withChado +
Is open sourceYes +
Link typewebsite +, download +, documentation +, wild URL + and demo server +
Release date1 November 2013 +
Tool functionality or classificationliterature curation +, community annotation + and functional annotation +
Written in languagePerl +
Has subobjectThis property is a special property in this wiki.Canto# +, Canto# +, Canto# +, Canto# +, Canto# +, Canto# + and Canto +